Annual Parish Meeting 2022 minutes

Present: Pam Powell, Chair of Old Bolingbroke with Hareby Parish Council; Parish Councillors: Isobel Godsell, David Makin and Charles Routh, Lincolnshire County Councillor William Gray and 2 members of the public
Also present Parish clerk, Jane Slaymaker
Reports mentioned are available on the Council’s website
1. Chair’s Welcome
Cllr Pam Powell welcomed everyone to the meeting. 
2. Apologies were received from Steve Lumb.
3. The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 21st October 2021 were agreed.
4. Cllr Powell gave the Annual report of the Parish Council, a copy of which is attached.
5. Members of the public were invited to raise matters of interest.
Cllr Gray gave advice concerning the ELDC Levelling-Up funding which may be available to some inland areas. He suggested that the Friends Bolingbroke Castle approach ELDC with a view to raising the profile of the village,
6. Community Group reports.
Bruce Talmage gave an update of the Friends of Bolingbroke Castle; a copy of the report is available on the Council’s website. 
7. Cllr Powell thanked all the participants for attending.
The meeting closed the meeting at 7.00pm
Chairman’s Report 2022
I would like to offer you a warm welcome to this our Annual Parish meeting. 
I am Pam Powell, Chair of the Parish Council and my fellow Councillors are: David Makins, Charles Routh, Isobel Godsell, Meg Coates and our Clerk is Jane Slaymaker. I should make clear this is not a meeting of the Parish Council, but is a meeting where parishioners can meet to hear of the work of the Parish Council, to make comments or suggest ideas and also an opportunity for local issues to be discussed and for local organisations to tell us about their work. 
As I reported at the last Parish meeting there has been an improvement in the way the Parish Council works within our community. 
As a reminder the Parish Council is a Sole Charitable Trust for the Ramsden Memorial Hall, the King George V Field and the Play Area. This separates us from our responsibilities as a Parish Council acting on behalf of the local authority. 
The field has not been grazed in recent years and has been enjoyed by dog walkers in particular. Councillor Godsell has a particular interest in the field and together with volunteers has been working hard on the wildlife area and the hedging around the field perimeter. We were particularly pleased to receive the support of a team from Groundcontrol and Openreach planting approximately 500 trees with many more provided. Two dogwalkers have kindly donated monies towards the field fund and one other resident has also contributed but we do need to consider how to raise more funds for this account if we going to continue to let it be used as at present.  
It is very helpful to have residents taking over the care of the planters around the village. They have been provided with the plants and have taken over the responsibility for the weeding and watering so hopefully there will continue to be colourful displays around the village. The hanging baskets have also been bought and will be up in time for the Jubilee celebrations. 
The play area continues to be well used by children and adults from the village and further afield. We have been promised that we will be given two picnic tables which will be paid for from the remaining funds of the previous playground committee. We hope these will soon be installed. 
The Parish Council continues to liaise with the County Council, ELDC and Highways. A member of the Highways team has visited the village and as a direct result there have already been improvements and there are more on the way though he was the first to admit it is sometimes a slow process. There has been work on the road at Back Lane and Dukes Head Lane. Further work is in the pipeline to stop flooding near The Green. A price is being obtained for the War Memorial granite setts and it may be the Parish Council will be asked to pay half of the price for the laying of the setts. Residents have also received letters asking them to cut back their hedges where they are affecting the use of the roads in the village. A resident is kindly repainting the sign in the Rose Garden for us.
As you will see our biggest project this year has been the refurbishment of the village hall and its outside area. I cannot emphasise enough how grateful I am to the local residents and others who have given so much of their time to ensure that we have a building more fit for purpose. The outside patio area, the new path and gate and additional space for parking was the first part of the project. Inside the foyer area and toilet area have been improved. There are new electrical circuit, lighting and sockets with USB points to make use of our WiFi system. The kitchen has been completely gutted and is now equipped with much more suitable and user friendly equipment. There is still some work to be done but we are nearly there. Thanks therefore go to the volunteers and tradesmen who have made this all happen. It would not have been possible without their unstinting help.
Last but not least would like to thank my fellow Councillors for their support and their hard work. They have spent their time on behalf of the residents over the last year. This is unpaid work and I feel the residents should be grateful to have such a dedicated group of volunteers willing to help and improve our village.