26th May 2022

Old Bolingbroke with Hareby Parish Council


Thursday 26th May 2022 7pm at Ramsden Village Hall


All councillors are summoned to attend the Annual meeting of the Parish Council in Ramsden Village Hall, Old Bolingbroke. This is an open meeting and the Press and the Public are all welcome.


There is an Open Forum for public participation at every meeting when members of the Public are invited to address Council Members relating to council matters. The Press and Public are not permitted to take part in the debates during the meeting.


_____________________Clerk to the Council                                                                                     20/05/2022




  1. Chair’s welcome.


  1. To consider and approve any apologies of absence.


  1. To declare pecuniary interests for any items on the agenda and to consider requests for dispensations 1


  1. To elect the Chair


  1. To elect the Vice-Chair


  1. To witness the signing of the Declarations of Acceptance of Office


  1. To consider and approve Member responsibilities for Finance, Staffing and Safeguarding


  1. To consider and agree dates for Parish Council meetings for the coming year


  1. Open Forum for public participation.


  1. To approve draft notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th March 2022


  1. To consider any urgent business under item 19

Please note if it is “urgent” only because it was not notified in time to appear on the agenda, it should be left till the next meeting. If it is genuinely “urgent”, that is it was too late for the agenda and it will be too late for action if left till the next ordinary meeting the Chairman needs to decide whether an additional meeting should be called or actioned during this meeting.


  1. To receive reports from the District and County Councillors.


  1. Finance
    1. To note the financial position
    2. To receive the Annual Statement of Accounts, payment & receipts and balance against budget for 2021/2022
    3. To note the end of year bank reconciliation
    4. To receive and note Annual Internal Audit Report
    5. To consider and approve Annual Governance Statement (Section 1)
    6. To consider and approve Accounting Statements (Section 2)
    7. To consider and agree the commencement date f0r the exercise of public rights
    8. To consider and approve the allocation of £16,851 to Reserves
    9. To approve the annual DD payment to ICO
    10. To approve any automated, retrospective and future payments to be made:

29.3.22                  Direct 365 infant defibrillator paddles                     £186.08 (£155.07 ex VAT)

7.4.22                    Breakthrough Communications training                 £66.00 (£55 ex VAT)

05.05.22               Transfer to George V Field (see income)                £100.00

25.05.22               Zurich insurance                                                               £678.80

25.05.22               Zurich insurance               additional premium        £47.60

25.05.22               Salary April-May                                                               £552.76


Payments made on behalf of Sole Charity Trustees ex Vat:

MDH Electrical Ltd                                         £1,748.95

FFD                                                                   £1,908.47

Tongs                                                                £32.88

Build Base                                                        £214.65

Build Base                                                        £30.55

Build Base                                                        £209.92

Adexa Direct                                                    £1,066.00

Build Base                                                      £303.42

Boston Electrical Services (P Powell)        £129.95

Screw Fix (B Talmage)                                 £116.65

Currys (B Talmage)                                        £240.83

Adexa                                                              £171.00

T Kirk                                                                £300.00

Build Base                                                         £24.36

Buildbase                                                         £3,385.46

Wickes  (D Makins)                                          £165.79

Buildbase                                                          £149.20

Wicks (D Makins)                                             £39.15

IC Tiling                                                              £513.00

Cottingham Carpets                                        £1030.83

Truly PVC Ltd (B Talmage)                             £61.39

Tongs                                                                 £39.13

East Lincs Blinds Solutions                            £213.10

Wickes (D Makins)                                           £22.25



  1. To note any income received since the last meeting

4.4.22                    Village Plan Group (defibrillators)                          £286.79

11.4.22                  ELDC Precept 50%                                                 £5712

28.4.22                  Transfer from Ramsden Memorial Hall                    £10.001.30

28.4.22                  Donation received on behalf George V Field         £100.00


  1.  Planning
    1. To consider any planning applications since the last meeting

Applications received between meetings:

Application reference S/018/00195/22 The Old Manor House, Horncastle Hill Road. Listed Building Consent - Internal and external alterations to existing dwelling to include new windows and doors and replacement rainwater goods and to include re-roofing of the existing extension and the removal of black laquer from existing exposed timbers.


 Application reference S/018/00769/22 Bay Cottage, West Keal Road, planning permission - Alterations to existing dwelling which is a listed building to provide a replacement window and door and to replace a window with a door.


 Application reference S/018/00777/22 Bay Cottage, West Keal Road, Listed Building Consent - Alterations to existing dwelling to provide a replacement window and door and to replace a window with a door.


  1. To note any planning decisions and/or appeal notifications since the last meeting


  1. To receive correspondence from ELDC confirming the Tree Preservation Order for the Methodist Chapel, Chapel Lane.



  1. To discuss village issues
    1. To receive and note Neighbourhood Watch report
    2. To receive an update on outstanding highways issues
    3. To consider and approve purchase of items for Queens Jubilee and payment for the band
    4. To receive an update on participation in the No Mow May campaign


  1. To discuss Internal Parish Council issues
    1. To review and approve Standing Orders and Code of Conduct
    2. To review and approve revised Safeguarding policy


  1. To receive correspondence and resolve action if required


  1. To discuss any urgent business


  1. Items for next agenda


  1. If required, to consider excluding the public and press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the items to be discussed.





1 A dispensation form should be requested from the Clerk before the meeting date and will be considered by Full Council at the meeting