25th March 2021



Dear Councillor

I hereby give you notice that a meeting of Bolingbroke Parish Council will be held on Thursday 25TH March 2021 at 6.30 pm by way of a virtual Zoom Meeting  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 970 442 0781
Passcode: S3Dzv9

All members of the Parish Council are summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the meeting, as set out hereunder. Joining details below

Christine Newton

Clerk to Bolingbroke Parish Council                                           Dated: 20th March 2021


There will be a 5-minute Public Participation Session


  1. Chairman’s Welcome.
  2. Apologies for absence and reasons given.
  3. Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.
  4. The notes from the meeting of the Council held on the 12th of January 2021 to

      be signed as minutes.

  1. Clerks Report.


      6. Correspondence Received

      a) Copy of Andy Jacksons liability insurance received.

      b) E mail received from a resident concerning a member of the Village Hall Committee,

      reply sent advising the resident that the Parish Council was aware of the matter.

      c) Neighbourhood watch – Linda Creedy – sent to Councillors before the meeting.

      7. Reports from the LCC & ELDC Councillors

      LCC report received and sent out to Councillors before the meeting.

      8.  Finance

      a) Bills to pay

      Neil Dowlman Architecture   £4344.00 inc £744.00 reclaimable VAT

      Play Inspection £120.00 including £20 reclaimable VAT

      Tongs (bin bags) £12.59 including £2.10 reclaimable VAT

      LALC (Training) £27.50 including £4.50 reclaimable VAT

      Salary Feb & March £495.88

      Inland Revenue £185.40

      April 2021

      LALC Subs £140.52, Training scheme £102.00 total £242.52 including £17.00 reclaimable VAT

      Transfer from Parish Council to Ramsden Trust £200.00

      Transfer from Joint PC/VH to Parish Council to account £1810.00.

      b) Received

      ELDC grants £500 for COVID £200.00 for work on play park hedge.

      Received but not on statement.

      £100.00 donation from JA Printers for play park project.

      £3000.00 donation from LR Housing Association for Village Hall project.

      c) Balance of accounts.

      Treasurers Acc £13252.60

      Ramsden Trust   £4182.50

      PC & VH £4299.18

      d) To discuss and agree the use of Electronic Banking.


      9. Planning           

      a) Response


      Planning Permission - Conversion of, extensions and alterations to existing 2no. dwellings

      to form 1no. house with porch canopy and sunroom to the rear.




      b) Tree Preservation Order - Notice to interested Party – sent to Councillors before

      the meeting.

      c) Proposed tree works - sent to Councillors before the meeting.

      Ref EZY/0024/21/TCA

      Holly Cottage West Keal Road –


      10. Dog Bins – Cllr Mrs Godsell

      To report on the progress of the application for the play area.

      To propose a second application is made for a waste bin at Hareby.

      11. The Parish Council – role as Sole Trustee - Cllr Mrs Powell

      To report on the establishment of the Parish Council as Sole Trustees of the Ramsden

      Village Hall, Play Area and the King George V field.

      b. To propose that the Parish Council as Sole Trustee apply for charity status.

     12.Ramsden Village Hall

      a) Report – Cllr Makins (In his role as Council Representative on the Village Hall Committee)

      b) To propose that the extension plans go out to tender – Cllr Makins & Cllr Mrs Powell

      c) VAT advice - Cllr Makins

      13. Play Area

      a) To discuss safety Reports – sent to Councillors before the meeting

      b) To report the progress made on the retrieval of the play area funds - Cllr Mrs Powell

      c)  To report the result of the grant application – Cllr Mrs Powell

  14. King George V Village Field - Cllr Mrs Powell

     To report on developments with the proposed use of the field

     15. The Use of Social Media and website - Cllr Mrs Godsell

     a) Progress on the Facebook page, and to propose the adoption of the updated

     Social Media policy. – Sent to Councillors before the meeting

     b) Progress on the new Website – Cllr Mrs Powell       

     16. Next Meeting

     Annual Parish Council meeting May 27th- The Clerk

     To discuss current legislation and agree the way forward