25th March 2021




Present Councillors          Cllr. Mrs. Powell (Chair)

      Cllr. Makins

      Cllr. Mrs. Godsell

      Cllr. Routh

      Cllr. B. Aron (LCC)

      Cllr. W. Grover (ELDC)


 In Attendance               Mrs. C. Newton (Clerk)

                                      1 Member of the Public

1. Chairman’s Welcome

Cllr. Mrs. Powell welcomed everyone present.

2. Apologies for absence


3. Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest


4. The notes from the meeting of the Council held on 12th of January 2021 to be signed as minutes.

Proposed Cllr. Mrs. Powell, seconded Cllr. Mrs. Godsell and unanimously agreed that the notes should be signed.

5. Clerk’s Report.


6. Correspondence Received

a) Copy of Andy Jackson’s liability insurance received.


b) E mail received from a resident concerning a member of the Village Hall Committee

It was proposed by Cllr. Routh, seconded by Cllr. Makins, and unanimously agreed that the following reply should be made.

‘Firstly, the individual who has received the Police caution is not a member of the Parish Council nor a representative of the Parish Council on any Parish Council sub-committee.

Secondly, a Police caution is not a criminal conviction and is therefore not in the public domain. A Police caution might only be disclosed in any future legal proceedings or as part of a criminal record check.

Any action by the Parish Council against the individual would be governed by Sect 80 of the Local Government Act 1972, and para 9 Sch 5B of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009. Neither of these applies in this case and as such the Parish Council can take no action against the individual in question.

Finally, to name the individual might leave the Parish Council open to a breach of the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018. 

c) Neighbourhood Watch – Mrs. Creedy – sent to Councillors before the meeting.

Cllr. Mrs. Powell will add this report to the website.


7. Reports from the LCC & ELDC Councillors

LCC report received and sent out to Councillors before the meeting.

Cllr. Mrs. Godsell then asked if there was any update on the maintenance of the

triangles, Cllr. Aron will chase Highways over this matter.  Cllr. Mrs. Godsell

also mentioned the   overgrown hedges and the state of the drains, Cllr.

Aron will take these matters upon behalf of the Council. However, he requested that

Cllr. Mrs. Godsell report the blocked drains through FIXMYSTREET, and reminded

   everyone present that this website should be used in the first instance and then copied to him.

   ELDC Cllr Grover reported that the urgent Care centre in Louth would reopen on 1st April.

   He also reported on the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, and that a feasibility study to reinstate a railway

   line between Firsby and Mablethorpe was being undertaken. Planning permission has been granted

   to build a £64,000 chicken house near Miningsby.

   8.  Finance

   a) Bills to pay

   Neil Dowlman Architecture  £4344.00 inc £744.00 reclaimable VAT

   Play Inspection                    £120.00 including £20 reclaimable VAT

   Tongs (bin & bin bags)        £12.59 including £2.10 reclaimable VAT

   LALC (Training)                   £27.50 including £4.50 reclaimable VAT

   Salary Feb & March             £495.88

   Inland Revenue                   £185.40

  April 2021

  LALC Subs £140.52, Training scheme £102.00 total £242.52 including  £17.00 reclaimable VAT

  Transfer from Parish Council to Ramsden Trust £200.00

  Transfer from Joint PC/VH to Parish Council to account £1810.00.

  Unanimously agreed that these payments should be made.

  b) Monies Received

 ELDC grants              £500 for COVID and £200.00 for work on play park hedge.

  Donations received but not on statement.

JA Printers                              .£100.00 for play park project

LR Housing Association          £3000.00 for Village Hall project.


c) Balance of accounts.

Treasurers Acc £13252.60

 Ramsden Trust   £4182.50

 PC & VH £4299.18


 d) To discuss and agree the use of Electronic Banking.

 It was agreed that Electronic Banking would be a useful tool and the Clerk will bring

 further information to the next meeting.

 9. Planning           

 a) Response


 Planning Permission - Conversion of, extensions and alterations to existing

 2no. dwellings to form 1no. house with porch canopy and sunroom to the rear.




 b) Tree Preservation Order - Notice to interested Party – sent to Councillors before

 the meeting.

 c) Proposed tree works - sent to Councillors before the meeting.

 Ref EZY/0024/21/TCA

 Holly Cottage West Keal Road –


 10. Dog Bins – Cllr. Mrs. Godsell

 The application for a bin on the grass verge outside the Ramsden Village Hall, is being prepared.

    It was also unanimously agreed that a second application should be made for a

    waste bin in Hareby near the Notice Board.

    11. The Parish Council – role as Sole Trustee – Cllr. Mrs. Powell

    The Parish Council has been working with Community Lincs, LALC & ELDC to better understand its

     role as Sole Trustee of King George V playing field (including the Play Area), and the Ramsden

     Village Hall.


      a. It was proposed by Cllr. Mrs. Powell, seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Godsell and

      unanimously agreed that the role of the Sole Trustee be separated from the statutory function of

      the Parish Council in line with ACRE and Charity Commission.

      b. The Parish Council recommended that the Sole Trustee investigate applying for charity status.

      12.Ramsden Village Hall

      a) Report – Cllr. Makins (in his role as Council Representative on the Ramsden Village

      Hall Committee) The Hall is still closed but being checked regularly.

      b) Plans The building regulations for the Hall have now been received and it was proposed by  

      Cllr. Mrs. Powell, seconded by Cllr. Routh and unanimously agreed that the contract should go

      out for tender.

      c) VAT advice – Cllr. Makins

      Awaiting advice from HMRC – to be carried forward to the next meeting.

      Cllr. Grover left the meeting

      13. Play Area

      a) To discuss safety reports – (sent to Councillors before the meeting)

      It was unanimously agreed that any problems in the play area would be sorted out

      as and when required.

      b) To report on the progress made of the retrieval of the disbanded Play Area Committee

      funds – Cllr. Mrs. Powell

      It was confirmed that in accordance with the constitution the surplus funds should

      have been handed back to the Parish Council when the Play Area Committee disbanded.

      Nationwide are aware of this and are carrying out an investigation on the

      Council’s behalf. 

      To be carried forward to the next meeting.

      c)  To report the result of the grant application for the play area – Cllr. Mrs. Powell

      The Parish Council has been successful with their grant application of £49930.63 from

      FCC Community Funding.

     14. King George V Playing Field – Cllr. Mrs. Powell

     Suggested so far is a circular walk, a pond area, a wildlife meadow, with a footpath

     and a bridge. The Council are working with Operation Wallacea, Ground Control

     and will be asking residents for comments and opinions about this project in the forthcoming newsletter.

     To be carried forward to the next meeting.

     15. The Use of Social Media and website – Cllr. Mrs. Godsell

         a) Social Media Policy has been altered to accommodate the use of a Facebook

     page. Cllr.Routh proposed its adoption , seconded by Cllr. Mrs. Powell and it was unanimously

     agreed that the amendments should be adopted. Cllr. Godsell will continue to work on this and have

     it up and running soon.

     b) Progress on the new Website – Cllr. Mrs. Powell   

     The website is progressing well, and it was proposed by Cllr. Mrs. Powell, seconded

     by Cllr. Routh and unanimously agreed that Cllr. Makins, and Mr B. Talmage should be

     able to access the administration side of the site.

     16. Agenda items for the next meeting    

      Electronic Banking                     The Clerk

      VAT Advice                                  Cllr. Makins

      Retrieval of Play area funds      Cllr. Mrs. Powell

      King George V Playing Field     Cllr. Mrs. Powell

      Facebook                                     Cllr. Mrs. Godsell

     17. Next Meeting

     Annual Parish Council meeting May 27th- The Clerk

     The Parish Council need to discuss current legislation and agree the way forward for meetings. It is

     still awaiting government advice, and the Clerk will update the Councillors   when any decisions

     are announced.

     Meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.